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    How to create a procedure in report where i can store multiple values??


      Hi all,

             I have problem in storing values temporarily in report that only when i run the report.

      I want to create a Form-Letter type of Report for a Customer with 3 conditions.

      1 is Form_15g='YES' in database, RECEIVED_15G='NO' in database and other is 'ANNUAL INTEREST' must be greater than or equal to Rs. 5000/-

      In database there is no value of interest annually, so i have to calculate it in the report and save all the CUSTOMER (Customer code) values

      and then report must be generated only for those customers when i click run.

      I don't have a proper idea on how to do it. I know that i have create a procedure in program units and write the procedure name in 'BEFORE PARAMETER FORM'.

      But the code i write in 'Procedure' needs cursor since it gives multiple values output. So I have to create a 'PACKAGE SPEC' to store values.

      But I don't know what exactly to do & how to do .

      So can You please give me an idea , how to do this?

      Or can you please tell me a link where i can learn this??

      But what do i write in Query Builder to get connected to the stored values??

      I surfed a lot in the internet , but dint exactly get what I want .


      Thank You.

      Oracle Reports 6i.

      Oracle 9i DB.