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    FDM - Problems kicking off HBR Calc Manager Rules using Planning Utility CalcMgrCmdLineLauncher.cmd


      Hi Experts:


      Our FDM application is configured to launch CALC Manager rules after completing the data loads.

      As part of the after validate event script, FDM dynamically builds a batch file with the list of HBRs to be executed after the data load. The batch file is then executed after the data load is complete. This batch file invokes the Hyperion planning utility CalcMgrCmdLineLauncher.cmd to run the required Calc rules.


      Sample batch file contents are below.

      Call D:\tdlph7\hyperion\user_projects\epmsystem_vmhoddlphp6\Planning\planning1\CalcMgrCmdLineLauncher.cmd -f:D:\FDMCon\adminpass.txt /A:FPAREL1 /U:custadmin /D:FPAREL1 /R:"FPAREL1_CCONV_CurrentMth_HFMAct" /F:"\\vmhoddlphp6\FDMApps\FFPAREL1\Outbox\Logs\EALOAD_DEC_2013_FPAREL1_CCONV_CurrentMth_HFMAct_1.xml">\\vmhoddlphp6\FDMApps\FFPAREL1\Outbox\Logs\HBR_EALOAD_DEC_2013_0204122347.log

      Call D:\tdlph7\hyperion\user_projects\epmsystem_vmhoddlphp6\Planning\planning1\CalcMgrCmdLineLauncher.cmd -f:D:\FDMCon\adminpass.txt /A:FPAREL1 /U:custadmin /D:FPAREL1 /R:"FPAREL1_Calculate_RF_HFMAct" /F:"\\vmhoddlphp6\FDMApps\FFPAREL1\Outbox\Logs\EALOAD_DEC_2013_FPAREL1_Calculate_RF_HFMAct_2.xml">>\\vmhoddlphp6\FDMApps\FFPAREL1\Outbox\Logs\HBR_EALOAD_DEC_2013_0204122347.log


      The rules execute without any issue when launched under low server loads.


      However when multiple users launch the FDM process, which then triggers separate batch files that execute the same set of rules with different run time prompts, the rules get hung up. At this point FDM web starts to respond really slow. We have also noticed that some of the user requests from the FDM web do not even get to the point of triggering those batch files.


      While all of this is happening, if we try to manually execute the same bat files from the FDM server (not from FDM web), the Calc rules run without any issue.


      Somehow FDM web does not seem to be able to run multiple bat files at the same time.


      Does anyhave have an idea why FDM web is freezing up?   Coiuld it be JVM heap size settings are too low?  We are also checking whether some sort of anti-virus program is running, and we're trying to confirm that IIS is configured with an ID that has full admin rights on the server.


      Also, are there alternate approaches to kicking our business rules in Planning as part of the FDM process (besides using the utility I mentioned)?


      Thanks in advance and I appreciate your feedback.


      Mark Smith