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    FAP overlap in the iProof PDF

    Navin Kumar Ramaswamy

      Hello all,


      Without a transaction, we are using iProof to generate PDFs for FORMs from the documaker library (we are using doCallAPI of EWPS).

      The intention is to store these PDF templates in a repository.

      So, the pdf is just like the 'screenshot' of the form that we can see in Documaker Studio (Eventually, all the fields are empty and no FORM level rules are being run).


      We have a case where we have a couple of conditional footers placed at the same position. So, any one of them will print at any time.

      However, the iProof will have both the footers printed on the PDF (no rules ran!) and they just overlap.


      Is there any way to avoid this overlap ?


      Thanks !


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          Sample / proof print of a raw form will print exactly as it is designed - with overlapping sections - because there is no way for the system to know whether the overlap is intentional or not. For instance, sometimes people design pages where there is a background template that represents the look of pre-printed paper. In that case, the sections are intentionally overlapped on top of the background to give the same appearance as it would be on a printed page.


          Even if you thought there should be a way to simply have the overlapping sections appended to each other rather than overlap that would make your page content longer than the actual page definition. In that case, the PDF viewer would limit what you could see to the page definition and you would be missing content. That might seem acceptable when it is only a small footer, as in this circumstance, however what if you had overlapping headers? Appending the headers one after the other would push all the other sections down the page and you could lose valuable content that you wish to see.


          So there really isn't any way that the proof can know that the sections are not intentionally overlapped and it doesn't want to change your page size in the final output.

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            Navin Kumar Ramaswamy

            thanks a lot !


            I have another question popped up.

            so the iProof always return 1 paged PDF ?

            Suppose if the .FOR has enough contents to span for 2-3 pages, do we still see only 1 page in the iProof ?


            thank you



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              I think you are asking if the proof print will paginate your form prior to print. I'm not sure that it will.  Aside from the possible generation of a table of content and page numbering and such, the print operation does not paginate anything that already exists on the pages.


              I know that if the form is loaded into entry or if you are using DMStudio and do a Data Entry Check on the form that pagination will be done. However, that is done by the view and not by the print operation itself.