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    Failure 1 in clssqlnum while getting the softwareversion




      I am trying to get the softwareversion using crsctl and getting the below, can someone tell what it could be and where I can see the logs for this.


      [root@rac1 ~]# crsctl query crs administrator

      CRS Administrator List: *

      [root@rac1 ~]# crsctl query crs activeversion

      Oracle Clusterware active version on the cluster is []

      [root@rac1 ~]# crsctl query crs releaseversion

      Oracle High Availability Services release version on the local node is []

      [root@rac1 ~]# crsctl query crs softwareversion

      Failure 1 in clssqlnum

      [root@rac1 ~]# crsctl query crs softwareversion rac1

      Failure 4 in clsvswversion for node rac1

      [root@rac1 ~]#



      Thank you.


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          Vandana B -Oracle



          Could you check the following and confirm if the crsctl utility is being invoked from the correct home or not?


          which crsctl


          Also check if the clusterware stack is completely up and healthy


          Try stopping and starting the stack and check if the issue gets reproduced or not


          If the issue still persists, dump the ocr to a file using ocrdump as root user and check if the following key is present or not and are they displaying






          Vandana - Oracle