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    search criteria with detail block in a master/detail


      Hi Everyone,


      I have an issue and need help to solve...


      I have a form with a master/detail block and will need to do a search criteria with only the detail block.

      How to retrieve all information(master and detail) if i do a search only with some item in detail block?


      I hope you understand my problem.



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          Hi Tabit7,

                    Your question is not very clear.

                    You have to enter_query and type the value in required fields of Master block and then execute query.

                    To do this , you have to create a Master-Data Relationship using Data Block Wizard.

                    In Object navigator, Click on a Data-block and select Data Block Wizard from Tools.

                    In that click on Master-Detail block and then uncheck Auto-join Data Blocks, click on Create Relationship (Based on Join Condition)

                    and select the required block and click 'OK'.

                    One more thing you have to check is , in the property palette of Datablock , set Query All Records to 'YES' to query all records.