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How to upgrade database 10g to 11g with the minimum downtime?

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Hi all,


We want to upgrade our RAC linux database to RAC linux. We have two different servers where one is the production server ( and another is the server.

Here we want to minimize the downtime of production database.


Our db size is near by 1 Tb. If we go with the traditional method of upgradation like given below then it will take near by 15 hrs:

1. Take RMAN bkp of 10g.

2. Transfer it to 11g server.

3. Restore the db.

4. Upgrade the database.


I got the two methods to minimize the downtime which are as follow but I am not sure these ways are feasible or not...


1st Method :

Here our source db server is and target db server is


1. Create a DR on target server. (

-Here we have installed db software(stand alone) of on target server as well as rac linux.

-All datafiles of DR will be on filesystem(not on ASM).


Sync the production database with the DR.


2. Break the DR and activate it.


3. shut down the db and move that datafiles of DR to ASM storage(


4. start the db with upgrade option and upgrade it.


It will take near by 5 hrs.



2nd Method:


-Install 11g grid software and 10g as well as 11g db software on target db server.

-We will configure DR like first method but the here Grid home will be of 11g and db home will be of 10g.

- Now we will sync the DR with production database.

-will activate database on 10g (target server)

- will restart the database with 11g home and then we will upgrade it.


Here I want to know that is it possible to create a DR with the following setup?

Production db is of and DR is configured with 11g grid and 10g db home.



Kindly give your inputs....





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