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    Question mark cursor in query mode?


      I'm trying to find a way of having a question mark as a cursor when Forms is in query mode. I've noticed that there are HAND etc in the OOTB-list of set_application_property cursor_style but HELP only looked like an arrow for 10g. I've seen some text-field-specific PJC solutions like Oracle Forms PJCs/Java Beans

        but is anybody aware of any way of globally overriding the cursor style for the entire form/mode?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Below are the available options  with SET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY built-in,to change the cursor styles.


          Setting               Description
          BUSY                Displays a GUI-specific busy symbol.
          CROSSHAIR     Displays a GUI-specific crosshair symbol.
          DEFAULT          Displays a GUI-specific arrow symbol.
          HELP                Displays a GUI-specific help symbol.

          INSERTION       Displays a GUI-specific insertion symbol.