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    App works locally, but not from web site



      I have a Java application that was built by a third party and my task is to embedd this in a web site. To do so I got an HTML snippet, a .JAR and da .DAT file that seems to be called by the app. I tested this locally on my machine and it works ok. After uploading to the web server I get an error message

      For input string: "i>>?<html>"

      (the question mark is actually upside down, the >> is really one character)

      At first sight this looks like a common issue with UTF-8 file being delivered when the file itself holds only ANSI characters (or vice versa). So I made sure that the .HTM and the .DAT file are indeed stored in ANSI 8-bit (and not Unicode 16-bit) format. However, this does not solve the issue. The .HTM file itself also holds a ISO 8859-1 directive. The server is set to deliver UTF-8 by default. I cannot change this due to a huge lot of other dependancies.

      So I am not sure if my suspicion is right - is it indeed a character set issue? Or is it something else? And which options do I have to fix this before going back to the original code authors (a cumbersome step as I expect being unable to speak to the developer, but rather may need to go thru layers of bureaucracy with the need explain the technical issue again and again).

      BTW: the test file is on http://www.neusob.de/karlskron/gemeinde/probestimmzettel.htm

      Appreciate any help and thought you could provide.