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    No left panel tree




      I'm with an issue in my installation maybe someone can manage to help me. So, I've installed Sites with no problems but when i log in to contributor i cant see the left panel tree. When I've loaded the page for the first time it did ask me to allow the applet but the left panel didn't changed. I've done some changes at browser options to always allow java applets etc with no luck.


      So I've tried to delete all installed applets from Java Control Panel to make the contributor page ask me again to allow the applet. Now nothing happens to the tree when i load the page, same as before, a white panel. But when i load the java verify applet it did ask me for allowance.


      Any hint?


      Thanks in adv,


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          Rajendar Pilli

          Hi Andre,

          Its a common problem i did face it.

          one of the following link can guide you.

          How do I enable Java in my web browser?

          Solving Common Applet Problems (The Java™ Tutorials > Deployment > Java Apple…


          Please let me know still if you face any issue..



          Rajendar Pilli.

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            It seems like we all have struggled with the Fatwire/Sites. Applet. It would be great if Oralce could provide some documentaion like an FAQ for getting it to work. I'm having a lot more luck getting it to work in 11G.


            1) You mention the applet and then also contributor. I assume you're running Sites 11G. The contributor interface is HTML so I assume you mean the Admin UI? Is that right.


            2) Seems like I'm still having to install Java JSK 32 Bit to get the applet to work correctly. I think thi is because FireFox and Chrome are both 32 Bit browsers. It works fine in IE for 64 Bit Java.





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              I think you phrased it wrong, we do have applet in Admin app only.

              I believe applets works for java > 1.5

              However, you may alternatively work by clicking on 'left arrow' located on top right(below Logout button). Now, you could see 'Admin' menu on the top tool bar.




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                Hi! Sorry for the late response!


                1) No, im really talking about contributor UI We did several installations and i dont know what we're doing wrong but we get always the same result, no side tree... we managed a way to make it work installing ().  With so many problems we decided to go with Portal + UCM.


                2) Yes i did have  to install 32b JDK instead of 64b...




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                  vivek lal

                  Hi André,


                  You faced issue is with JRE in case if Panel/Applet or Dashboard does not come Properly. Please read certification metrix.

                  For version, I have used 64 bits OS(both Windows 7 and Oracle Linux 6), JDK 1.7, IE browser with 64 bits.

                  For version, I have used same as above.


                  Everything running fine.

                  Once we faced an issue when Dashboard was not coming. In that case JRE was outdated.