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    ADF 12c support for Internet Explorer IE11 patch 18091042


      We have an ADF 12c fusion application which is now under attack from the IE11 users.

      The development environment was installed on Windows 7 64bit with the jdev_suite_121200_win64.exe application and uses the java installation that comes with it.

      I downloaded patch 18091042 (ie11 compatibility) and applied it to using the Oracle Home of our Jdeveloper development environment.

      The patch was applied successfully using the correct version of OPatch ( , comes with 12c).

      I rebuilt the application and run up in the embedded WLS and immediately got the Unsupported browser message.

      Also tried the Weblogic 12c server that is installed in the same Oracle Home with same results.

      I looked at the patch log and it appears to be patching the Oracle_Home\oracle_common\modules with emphasis on oracle.jrf.adfrt package


      The readme says if it doesn't work try removing the embedded tmp files and look for the patch deployment in the embedded wls, Not sure what to look for in the deployments.


      After being unable to get this working I tried with a new user.


      I created a new Windows account so I'll get a fresh Jdeveloper installation under  users\user\appdata

      Before even running Jdeveloper, I patched the new Oracle Home and then rebuilt and deployed the application with the same bad outcome.

      I tried to build the simplest ADF Fusion application, a sort of hello world which also failed.


      Has anybody been able to successfully apply this patch to Jdeveloper 12c?

      Perhaps I need a generic installer or some other type of installation.


      Also, I assume the Solaris Weblogic installation in test, uat and prod will need a successful patch.


      Are there any issues to be aware of there.