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    "Unable to find dbcodes file": PeopleSoft Database Configuration Wizard




      I'm trying to set up a new installation of PeopleSoft based on a copy of my client's PS_HOME folder. I've installed PeopleSoft before, but I used the newest versions and started from scratch. Now I am using PS HRMS 8.9 and PT 8.48 on a Windows 2003 server. I have been following the manual to install PT 8.48 (installing third party tools, using the configuration manager), except for using the wizard to actually install PT, as the files are already there. I've changed all the config files I've come across to include the correct locations for PS_HOME, Oracle database drivers, etc.


      Now I am trying to use the Database Configuration Wizard to automate the database creation using Oracle After selecting a non-unicode database I click next, select the character set, then when I click next again I get the message "Unable to find dbcodes file."


      I've checked in the folder PS_HOME/setup and there are two dbcodes files: dbcodes.pt and dbcodes.hc. Is this causing some kind of confusion, or is the wizard missing the dbcodes file in another location? Or maybe it's another issue entirely, I'm not sure.


      Thanks for the help.