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    Future of OBIEE 11g (ODI or Informatica)

    Dev O

      Hello All,


      This discussion is for all BI guru and techies working in OBIEE/ODI/Informatica tools. This is no technical question but its related to Oracle's road-map in promoting OBIEE 11g as a reporting tool.


      What was the reason so replace Informatica with ODI.

      What do all feel about how is Oracle placing ODI in their latest releases.

      Will replacing Informatica with ODI affect Oracle business.

      Will ODI come with more advancements come with future releases.

      Will their be new releases having Informatica as ETL tool in future OBIEE releases?

      What will be the scene like 3-4 years down the line.

      Will industry accept the change.

      As a BI guy I see informatica as a better tool compared to ODI, be it its features or resource availability. Does this affect OBIEE's sales.

      These are few question that come to my mind. If you have any idea over these question or if you have any more related questions, please do put it down here, lets discuss to know more on this.



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          Hot topic of discussion...


          i would say that Oracle didnt want to share the profits by sharing licence fee wit information so they thought of shipping ODI with OBI


          apart from that i can easily say that its really hard to replace informatica.. its widely used and much more user friendly than ODI(As of now,oracle may come up with something really amazing in future.)


          To be in market , lets train ourselves on both the technologies....

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            Dev O

            Hello Raj,


            Yes to some extent what you say is right. but then I have seen lately the existing customer having OBIA are not willingly ready to move to the next version that has ODI.

            The cost involved in upgrade and later migration from Infrormatica to ODI seems to be not so pleasing, more over ODI is not that mature yet.




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              Steve Yeung

              Well, a few years down the line, we'll need to look at how OBIEE is doing instead of the ETL tool. Obviously ODI will still be mainstream. The point is to see how OBIEE is going to move forward since it's way behind compared to competitors products in terms of dashboard visualization.