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    JSObject.getWindow() method not found


      As a continuation on these archived posts: JSObject.getWindow() method not found Swing Applet using JSObject.getWindow can not use javaFX I would like to add to the discussion that "jfxrt.jar" (included in JRE_HOME\lib) contains an implementation of JSObject without this method whereas another implementation exists in JRE_HOME\lib\plugin.jar which does contain getWindow(). Note: This is an issue in Java 7 (not in Java 6)


      This is a problem for us calling this method using IDEs (such as IntelliJ IDEA) that do not import these jars in the correct order. Basically, the code using JSObject.getWindow() does not compile unless rearranging the jar dependency order manually.


      Here is another project that has stumbled upon this: [#WWJ-363] World Wind does not compile on Java 7 - NASA World Wind Issues


      Do you have any comment on this? JetBrains think that this is a bug on your side (even though compiling from command line works fine).