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    how to modify opmn.xml for weblogic 11g


      Hi Gurus

      Our OracleAS had the following section in its opmn.xml ( values masked as XXX ) for the BPEL cluster.

            <start timeout="xxx" retry="2"/>
            <stop timeout="xxx"/>
            <restart timeout="xxx" retry="x"/>
            <ping timeout="xxx" interval="xx"/>
            <port id="xxx" range="xxx-xxx" protocol="xxx"/>
            <port id="xxx" range="xxx-xxx"/>
            <port id="xxx" range="xxx-xxx"/>
            <port id="xxx" range="xxx-xxx"/>
            <process-set id="bpel_cluster" numprocs="1"/>

      once we use weblogic 10.3.5 , will the opmn.xml still be used ?

      if yes, how to make the above section compatible for weblogic ?


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          Jayaprakash -Oracle

          Hi ,


          Weblogic 10.3.5 doesn't have any opmn.xml file because Weblogic and SOA are Java Components in FMW 11g .Also in Weblogic the configuration file is config.xml file which could be found in the location %MW_HOME%/user_projects/domains/<domain_name>/config.


          So in case if you need any changes for BPEL Cluster, then you need to access the Admin Console --->  Go to Environment ----> Servers -----> Click on BPEL Server and make necessary changes which would be reflected in config.xml located in the above location and after a restart of the servers is required in order see those changes take effect.