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How can we force a disclosurelistener to be called

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We have the following scenario:

Through commandlinks we activate several tabs, using code in the actionlisteners.


RichShowDetailItem rdi = (RichShowDetailItem)pt.findComponent(param2);
if (rdi != null) {


This is triggered correctly, the tab opens.

Problem is that the disclosurelistener declared on the tab is not executed when this happens.

When the tab is opened by clicking it in the user interface the disclosurelistener is fired.


<af:showDetailItem text="Manuals" id="resourcesTab1" disclosureListener="#{ControlBean.openTab1}">
                                <af:region value="#{bindings.btf1.regionModel}" id="r102"/>


Is there a way to force the disclosurelistener to fire when the disclosure is triggered programmatically rather than through a user interface interaction?


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