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    Outside in Viewer resets the page number to 1 always, even though the Word document has page numbering starting from different value.


      Hi All,

      I've a Word Document with page header having page number inserted.However the page numbers have been formatted to start from a value other than 1.

      E.g. For a given word document, navigate to "File -> Insert -> Page number-> format page number -> start at " and set the value to say "300". Now insert page numbers, so that the page numbering of the 1st page starts from 300.

      When this document is viewed using Outside-in Viewer, the page number of the 1st page always shows 1 instead of showing 300 (though this is not being reset/changed within the actual document)


      I'm using Outside in 8.1.9 SDK for the same. Is there an API to set the page number correct (exactly what has been set within the original document) while viewing...

      Alternatively confirm if this is a limitation within the Outside-in Viewer.