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    Fail to remove did device from diskset


      Hi guys,

      I'm running sun cluster 3.1 and SVM 11.9 and Solaris 9 (5.9 Generic_122300-57 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire) 


      After syncing mirrors from old 9970 and new Hitachi storage and detaching old 9970 submirrors,  we are trying to remove old 9970 did device from diskset.


      This is what i got:


      root@node1 # metaset -s diag-set -d -f /dev/did/rdsk/d18

      metaset: node1: diag-set: host node2 does not have set


      I can switch the service-group and also devices from node1 to node2 and vice versa.


      I've already did the same steps over  another cluster hosted by the same 6900 without erros. 


      Any ideas?



      Thank's in advance for replies.