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    Please unlock a discussion


      Could someone with privileges please check and unlock Re: ORA-65096 installing Oracle 12cR1 Example Schemas


      I've received several emails from people who are not able to respond because the thread is locked, and some have a good reason. I don't know whether the thread was locked by a forum moderator (probably for a good reason) or by the system because of 120 days inactivity. The later however seems a bit unlikely considering that the thread has over 2500 hits.



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          Srini Chavali-Oracle

          I have unlocked it

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            Does "inactivity" mean "no replies" rather than "no views?"

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              Good question. To me inactivity includes no views, because a view updates the view counter.

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                I wonder if marking a question answered suggest to the powers that be that the conversation is nearing its conclusion.


                To me the 120 day setting suggests a high turnover rate is expected and so it is expected each "new" generation of members should start their own conversations.


                have a good day,


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                  Well, I think the source of the problem is the Jive software again, which perhaps does not allow to archive software without locking it, or requiring to archive software for the purpose of locking it to prevent people from reviving old posts.


                  I don't know what the reason was why the post was locked, but I assume it was done by a forum moderator for a good reason, because otherwise it would have been archived, and If I remember correctly, posts cannot be "unarchived". It might be a good idea to have some info like, "thread locked by moderator" or "thread locked due to inactivity".

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                    Typically, most of the moderators will put a note on a thread to say why they're locking it... though I know there's still some mods out there who don't... which is annoying because the rest of us moderators have no clue who did it or why either.


                    According to the Jive software documentation, each thread has a flag which can be set to prevent it from being archived, and I guess that can be used to unarchive a thread too... though it's something that only admin have access to as far as I'm aware... I know I've not seen anything from a moderators point of view.

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                      Thanks for the info. I would not want to put any additional burden on top of your daily tasks. I think it should be the software that should automatically add such information when moving or locking a post, or when the system archives.