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    Guest LDom is not bind on second Node




      I installed the SUN Cluster 4.1 under solaris 11.1 on our 2 SUN T3. Then, I installed and configure 2 Guest LDom under this SUN Cluster.

      Now, When I try to test the Switch Cluster Resource between Node1 and Node2, the Guest ldom is well stop  and destroy configuration on Node1 to recreate it on Node2. These step are well done, but the Guest LDom is never bind (ldm bind) on the Node2, and we have the following message in /var/adm/messages " start rc<1> - LDom sovgvacluster02p is not bound".

      When I try to do the ldm bind manually it works perfectely.


      Any Idea will be appreciate.


      Thank's for your help