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Batch upload

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Hi All,


I want to batch upload around 26000 images in UCM 11g on Production. When i batch upload the entire UCM system becomes EXTREMELY slow and users start complaining.


Please suggest a way how can i batch upload the images into PRODUCTION without affecting the existing Production working.


Thanks in advance.

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    1) do it after business hours and in batches.


    2) batch import them in a non-prod environment and use Archiver to transfer over. This way the IBR queue won't be blocked.


    I would recommend building batches based on the image size and your CS file System size.

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    The features provided by the Fast Checkin component in UCM 10g have been added to the standard checkin service. So, the extra component is no longer needed.


    To bypass Inbound Refinery conversions, Workflow and Indexing during checkin, add DirectReleaseNewCheckinDoc=1 to the CHECKIN_NEW service.


    The new parameter is described in the documentation, under Optional Service Parameters:


    Oracle Fusion Middleware Services Reference Guide for Oracle Universal Content Management
    11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
    5.3.10 CHECKIN_NEW



    DirectReleaseNewCheckinDoc: Directs content items being checked in to bypass Inbound Refinery, workflow, and indexing. The default is 0. To enable, set DirectReleaseNewCheckinDoc=1.


    This parameter can be used to support a high ingestion rate when transferring content items from an external repository into Content Server storage. Because this setting increases the speed of content checkin, it increases the number of check-ins that Content Server can support at a time. This capability is highly desirable in applications (for example, scanning applications) where large numbers of items are expected to be checked in at once.


    Before you enable this setting, take into account the following important considerations.

    • A content item checked in this way can only be found by searching with DATABASE.METADATA. However, other content items can still go through regular checkin and be FULLTEXT indexed.
    • A rebuild of the index does not cause content cheched in with this parameter to go through indexing.
    • Content modification (updating or checking in a new revision) causes indexing to occur on a document checked in with this parameter.

    For Thumbnail support in version, see this documentation:  Thumbnail Support


    Hope this helps .



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    Hi Srinath,


    I can't bypass the Inbound Refinery conversions as these are images which are being uploaded and conversion is required.



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    Hi ,


    There are settings (config) in IBR with which you can increase the number of simulteneous conversions (thread numbers) that IBR will start for processing .This will make sure that at any given point of time that many ibr threads will be initialized and simultaneously conversions are done rather than having to wait for one image to complete conversions.


    I will check the variable and update here .





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