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        Opps sorry. ok, I will not give points now

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          Well, I think you've had the answer now.


          a) You directed your question at the moderators - we don't have any ability or access other than what is available through the forum software, so no additional features to what you have.


          b) Dude has already pointed out that the Jive forum software doesn't appear to have such a feature for dumping all your posts.


          c) You indicated that all you wanted would fit on 2 pages of text file, yet you say it would be too tedious to do it manually by going to your posts through your profile.


          d) Your only option, like anyone else who keeps records of interesting stuff they've posted or come across, is to manually go to each of the threads and copy/paste/format the content into text files locally on your own machine, or use the PDF options available.  Yes you will have to do it one by one, but that's just the way it is.... and if you think the forum content is stored so simply that it just requires a "select * from forum_table where username = '...'" then you clearly have no idea about the complexities of forums or how a well designed relational database is created.  Yes, it may take some effort to do it manually, but if the content is worth that much to you, then surely it's worth putting in a bit of effort on your own part.


          I'm going to lock this thread now, as there is nowhere else for it to go, except to digress further.

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