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Any ideas for resolving IE "Page Cannot be Displayed" issues being encountered in Viewer using in SSL mode, works fine w/Firefox & Chrome, or IE using nonSSL.

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Wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue.  We have tried to work an SR on it, but just have not been getting anywhere w/support.


We recently upgraded from to


When using a SSL connection (https://...8094), our Discoverer Viewer IE users are encountering "Page cannot be found" errors when running reports and when trying to export.  The problems are not encountered for users utilizing Firefox or Chrome, just IE.


A couple notes:

We've found that by dialing down the number of rows to display, that will most often allow the report to work, e.g. if the report is set to display 25 rows, the report will fail and we'll just get the IE "Page cannot be found".  If we change the display rows to 5, then the exact same report with the exact same parameters will work.  Although it would be nice to be able to display more than just 5 rows of data :-) .


When the report runs successfully, we've also found that users get a lot of failures when exporting to .XLS.  Often they can be successful exporting to .csv instead of .xls, but some reports still fail to export .csv.


We didn't have any of these issues prior to upgrading from to, and again the issues only impact IE users when connecting in SSL mode.  If we test the exact same reports/parameters using a non-SSL connection (same web-server, just using http://....:8090 instead of https://.....:8094), everything works great.  Something just doesn't seem to be compatible between IE, SSL and the Web Server for the page calls over some certain size.


Just wanted to reach out to see if any Disco Web Server gurus out there might have any ideas of things for us to try.


Thanks a ton!




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