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    CRS Clone failure on second node OUI-10155:Error while setting variable sl_tableList


      Hi All,


      Trying to clone the CRS two node. one node went successfully without any issue. but while running the clone.pl on second node we are getting following error


      OUI-10155:Error while setting variable sl_tableList: The installer has detected the existence of 10g Oracle Clusterware on the remote node, usfo-ebsdb1, however, 10g Oracle Clusterware does not exist on the local node.  If you wish to upgrade and existing 10g Release 2, then you must start the installer on a node local to the older 10g Oracle Clusterware installation. If you want to create a new cluster, you must choose a set of nodes that are not part of an existing cluster.

      This silent installation was unsuccessful.


      NODE1 Details



      $>  ./crsctl query crs activeversion

      Oracle Clusterware active version on the cluster is []



      $>  crsctl query crs softwareversion <nodename>

      Oracle Clusterware version on node [<nodename>] is []


      $>  ./crsctl check crs

      Cluster Synchronization Services appears healthy

      Cluster Ready Services appears healthy

      Event Manager appears healthy


      Can any one help on this. Thanks in advance