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    Increase the log file FRlogging.log


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      One of our customer requested to increase the FRlogging.log file size to 500 MB as they want to keep the log files (we have procedure to truncate the log files from the system). I am trying to find out as this will be recommendable or not as per my knowledge this could have negative impact on the application performance. Please advise, this is recommendable or not (increasing the log file size). If so, what is the best way, please advise.



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          Krish Kay-Oracle



          Recommended to keep these files with default values - but if requested by your customer - you may give it a try by changing in the file logging.xml file (backup this file to revert in else case) for Financial Reporting (\Middleware\user_projects\domains\epmsystem\config\fmwconfig\servers\Financialreporting0)

          This file regulates the content of the FR log files via different sections such as:

          <log_handler name='epmfr-handler' class='oracle.core.ojdl.logging.ODLHandlerFactory'>
             <property name='path' value='${domain.home}/servers/${weblogic.Name}/logs/FRLogging.log'/>
             <property name='maxFileSize' value='10000000'/>
             <property name='maxLogSize' value='50000000'/>
             <property name='useSourceClassAndMethod' value='true'/>
             <property name='useThreadName' value='true'/>
             <property name='encoding' value='UTF-8'/>



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            It is always advisable to have files small as possible.

            In general practice, you would need to have an archiving/purging process where you purge your log file on a daily basis (rename log file with timestamp)




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