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    Missing some binaries


      Hi folks,


      i  have created 2 Node Rac 11g r2 ( on enterprise linux 6.5 .

      & i have seen  every thing is fine like installation of Grid Infrastructure & creating disks group, RDBMS software installation , creation of database is successful without any error

      clusterware service & database is up & running


      i need to install patch set 8 ( for that  i need to create ocm.rsp file , but while creating it  i found some binaries not come in  GRID_HOME/OPatch/ocm/


      so as i followed one guy whose is oracle ACE' suggestion copied binaries from  available server which are running RAC database to my rac setup then create ocm.rsp file


      Now i am trying to applying patch ( on the same setup but when i fire below command it is giving me  the below error


      [root@vserv-EPPM-DB3 OPatch]# ./opatch auto /oracle/software/Patches/p17272731/  -ocmrf /oracle/app/grid/ocm.rsp

      ./opatch: line 173: ./crs/auto_patch.pl: No such file or directory

      it seems some binaries are missing . but every thing is working fine except the above

      My question is here do i need to copies the missing binaries from available server to my setup servers.

      Any quick suggestion & advice will be higly appreciated. i am stuck on that.

      thanks & regards.

      stuck on that.