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    How To Copy/Paste In This Forum




      I have a very basic question that simply deals with using this Forum.


      I've noticed that since the new Apex Forum interface went into use, I am no longer able to do a copy/paste into a discussion or reply note.


      I also see others including sections of text that are highlighted in a grey color, similar to how I could this in the "old" forum interface by surrounding my text with "{code}" tags.


      So how is this done in the new interface?


      Also, when I try to embed a url, as mentioned, I am un-able to copy/paste it.  There is an option called "Insert Link".  But when I use it, the link is always being placed at the very beginning of my note, not within the text I am writing.


      When I try out the "Advanced Editor" option, that, too, does not offer even these simple amenities.


      So how are these things being done in this new Forum interface?


      Note that I am using the latest IE browser (11.0).


      Thank you.