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    Problem in downloaded CSV file




      I have a problem in downloaded CSV file using IR report. but the problem is while opening the CSV file, its trailing the zeros in decimal point. For Example, 1.10 becomes 1.1

      It's a varchar column having numbers. in CSV if i use double quotes to the number means it will become character (="1.10") instead of =1.10.


      I have a custom procedure to download csv file as like IR download.


      If i open the CSV file in notepad or any other editor means the values are showing correctly.


      Can we fix this issue through our custom procedure?? How do we fix this issue??


      Please give me your valuable inputs on this.



      Thanks in Advance,


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          I assume that you mean that when you open the CSV in Excel you miss the trailing zero's


          I think that Excel thinks that the values are numbers despite them being surrounded with " in the csv. See if you can change any settings to excel so that values of a csv that are surrounded with a " are always seen as text even when it is recognized as a number.

          This is a Excel problem not an APEX one. I don't work with Excel so I can't help with the settings you need.



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            You are correct Nicolette. It's a Excel problem, Is there any other way to fix this through PL/SQL. so only i come up with this question.

            I did some workaround in excel to display the correct value without trailing the zeros. Problem is solved now.

            I think there is no other way to fix this from PL/SQL.