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    PDE-PLI018 Could not find library Error




      I have a resource folder in D drive where i have kept all AU_TOP/resource files. But when i open the custom.pll file its showing error PDE-PLI018 Could not find library D:\BSZZCUST.pll.

      But the file BSZZCUST.pll and CUSTOM.pll are present in D:\resource. Its searching in D drive instead of D:\resource.

      Can anyone help me on this.


      Thanks and Regards

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          Have you checked your Working Directory in your formsweb.cfg file?




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            It sounds like you have a "Hard Code" location set in your custom.pll library file.


            When you attach a library, you will receive a prompt to "remove non-portable directory specification".  If you answer No to this, when you open the Property Pallet on your attached library, the PL/SQL Library Location property will display the full path to the referenced library.  You can't re-inherit the property to clear the path so you have to delete the library in the Attached Libraries node and re-attach your library and answer "Yes" to remove the non-portable directory.


            If your library does not have a 'Non-Portable" path listed, then the issue must be a problem with the FORMS_PATH the Forms Builder uses to find referenced objects.  Double-Check your FORMS_PATH registry entry to ensure there are no spaces or other characters that would break the path.  I have found it helpful to copy-n-paste the FORMS_PATH value to a text editor (like TextPad) where it is easier to read and see spaces and other characters that shouldn't be there.  Also, check to see you didn't accidently put a Colan (:) in place of a Semi-Colan (;).