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    Can Metadata Store access issues be caused by missing patches




      We are in the process of updating to Middleware version from and we are having trouble with the customised spaces accessing the metadata store. We are getting MDS-00013 cannot access metadata object for XXXXX.xml errors.


      The test server has been upgraded to and all relavent patches have been applied, however, initially our JDeveloper environment hadn't been patched. When we deployed we got the MDS-00013 errors.


      My question is, are the jdeveloper and oracle_common patches going to make any difference here, given that when the code is deployed to the server it will use the libs and patches on the server. (We have subsequently patched some of JDeveloper however, I think this could be an incorrect cause of the problem) I feel that it is more of a configuration type issue rather than a code issue.


      Any ideas or suggestions?