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    Currency conversion in table using java script




           Kindly some one let me a solution, am using a java script for currency conversion, based on a drop down a column in my grid will get converted to the type of currency code chosen. I am find a problem in setting the changed value to that particular column using java script.


      here is my script.

      function callConversion(e){

              var id =AdfPage.PAGE.findComponent('t1');

              var rows = parseInt(id.getRows());


              var value = document.getElementById("t1:"+rows+":it4::content").innerText;

              var newVal = value*5;      

                 // column to be identified to set the new value.   




      You could see from the script that my column is it4 and i could not set the converted value to this column.How to identify the column, i tried somet thing with document.getElementById("t1:it4") , document.getElementById("t1:"+rows+":it4") it is throwing null or object error message.