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    Possible bug concerning Role Assignments

    Stuart Fleming

      I am using SOA/BPM 


      I found a possible bug when deploying a BPM Application that has mixed assignments (Some directly to a user, some to a BPM Application Role (created in workspace).


      I conducted two tests.

      Test 1.  Created a BPM Project/Process with two swimlanes.  In organization, I assigned the swimlane roles to users (From the Weblogic embedded LDAP).  On deployment, these roles were pushed out to the Workspace/Administration/Roles area (when logged in as Weblogic).


      Test 2.

      In workspace I created some BPM roles (and made assignments to users) and then in a BPM Project assigned those Application Roles to my swimlane roles. 


      However, I created one Swimlane and made the assignment directly to a user.


      On deployment, the role that was assigned directly to a user at the BPM project level was NOT pushed out to the Role area.


      A video of this is here:   http://youtu.be/bWtEIRavlEY