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    ORA-15017 and ORA-15013 on ASM start


      Grid Infrastructure

      Oracle Linux 6.5 

      Standalone -   NOT RAC


      I have two diskgroups:    ASM_DATA and ASM_FRA

      SYS@+ASM AS SYSDBA> show parameter diskgroup



      asm_diskgroups                                         ASM_FRA, ASM_DATA



      My spfile is in asm:

      asmcmd -p

      ls +asm_data/asm/asmparameterfile




      On reboot (we use Oracle Restart) or startup of ASM the alert log shows:

      WARNING: Disk Group ASM_DATA containing spfile for this instance is not mounted

      ORA-15032: not all alterations performed

      ORA-15017: diskgroup "ASM_FRA" cannot be mounted

      ORA-15013: diskgroup "ASM_FRA" is already mounted

      ORA-15017: diskgroup "ASM_DATA" cannot be mounted

      ORA-15013: diskgroup "ASM_DATA" is already mounted


      It's like ASM needs to spfile to startup and it's in ASM whose diskgroup is not yet mounted, so it can't find it.

      But then it does, but by that time something else already has it mounted.


      Is this perhaps a chicken-and-egg thing and I don't have something set right?  I've searched and searched but see nothing.

      A lot of documentation for GI which is where our ASM resides is for RAC, but we are standalone.  That shouldn't make a difference, but it does with the crs commands.


      Any insight is appreciated.


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          Does both diskgroups show as mounted in ASM after startup?


          What is the contents of the GI $ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory?


          Keep in mind that ASM on RAC is not much different than ASM standalone. ASM on RAC deals with shared storage and diskgroups that are mounted by multiple ASM instances on different servers. That does not change the basics of how ASM works.

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            Execute following command and post the output:


            srvctl config asm


            as well as


            echo ${ORACLE_HOME}

            ls -lart ${ORACLE_HOME}/dbs



            Dharmesh Patel

            Oracle DBA

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              If you see those diskgroup resource ,they have startup_dependencies on ora.asm resource .

              It will wait for asm instance to be online within startup_timeout value and then mount those diskgroup.



              At startup ,it reads OLR file and get the spfile location of ASM in standalone .

              And starts up the system.



              Generally ,this does not take much time.



              But from the error it seems ,it is taking few more seconds .



              This depends upon the the OS level disk  response too ,as ASM opens all disks at the time of startup.



              you  can ignore these errors.