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    Resize Oracle Disk of an Oracle VM template



      I downloaded a VM template and it comes with a 30G File System pre-installed with Oracle Binaries.

      The FS (/u01 in this case...) is 30 GB and it doesn't seem to have an LVM

      I increased the virtual disk of the template to 45 Gb prior to the clone operation,but when I clone it the virtual guests still have 30 Gb after the clone.

      I also tried various methods to increase the FS size of the guest after the cloning,but I had no luck.

      How can I change this?

      Any ideas?



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          If the disk containing the partition is not based on LVM, then you could still increase the parition by doing this (beware, it's a bit scary, but works nonetheless), if this is the last partition on the drive:


          a) unmount the partition

          b) run fdisk on the drive and remove the last partition

          c) create a new partition with the new desired size

          d) reboot the guest

          e) use resize2fs to claim the free space fore the last partition