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    Infrastructure configuration failed


      Dear all

      I have been trying to install Oracle Infrastructure Grid on virtual environment for a 15 days and I still have no succeed. I googled the web a lot and try different suggestion like increasing storage, RAM and CPU but couldn't resolve my problem. This place is my final hope to overcome this stupid issue.

      Here is my situation: I created two virtual machine using HYPER-V software with 3 Gigabyte Ram and 2 core CPU. They have one network card and i assigned two IPs for each for public and private IP. The public IP is in our local network range(192.168.100.) and for private I choose IP range like 192.168.1. They can ping each other by IP and after replacing host file(in system32\driver\etc folder- that public, private and virtual IP is defined) they can ping themselves through public and private name(e.g. rac1, rac1-priv).

      For virtual IPs, I assigned an unused IP in public range. The installation proceeded(file is copied in second VM) till Grid configuration that an error would raise that the installation failed. I probed the log file and found nothing.

      Bringing the VMs into domain didn't have any better result. I should also say that the user on both VMs are the same(Administrator).

      Some tips advised me to install the software in silent mode but no proceed. In this mode the installation is finished with some warning about some configuration parameter does not meet.

      Finally according to some suggestion about having problem with virtual environment, I had to install the software on two physical PCs but got the same error.

      Infrastructure Grid version:

      OS: Windows Server 2008 R2

      Thank you in advance