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    Calc Manager is missing 1 of the plan types


      After recently migrating from to Calc Manager is only displaying 1 of the 2 plan types. Steps taken leading up to this situation were:


      1. Migrated an existing application that originally had 3 plan types. Dropped plan type 1 and kept plan types 2 and 3

      2. Created 2 plan types when creating the application in

      3. Initially built the outline using LCM export of dimensions and had to edit the xml to import. Edited plan type 2 and made it plan type 1. Edited plan type 3 and made it plan type 2. Had issues with the LCM/xml and ultimately ended up using the outline extractor and loading using the outlineload utility. Dimensions are now built.

      4. Initially, Calc Mgr wouldn't open. Had to change table hsp_systemcfg value for plan type = 2 instead of 3 as was in the table.

      5. Calc Mgr only shows plan type 2 and not plan type 1.


      Can you please offer some assistance on where to look/fix this issue? Thank you.