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    SSL in OHS - Import a certificate into Wallet manager




      We are using Oracle HTTP server as a web server for OBIEE.

      We have a load balancer which will front end the OHS.

      The load balancer is using a SSL certificate for ssl encryption. We want to use the same ssl in http server as well.

      I tried to import the certificate into a wallet. It is successfully getting imported into wallet as a "Trusted Certificate". But the wallet still shows as EMPTY. How to make the wallet as READY without having a CSR created in that server?

      So basically I dont want to create a CSR but still want to make the SSL working. Please guide.

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          Without CSR the wallet cannot import the user certificate and come to READY state.

          It should have the corresponding CSR.




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            In order to import a  user certificate from another device you would have to import both the private key as well as the public cert.  This is possible providing you can

            get the data into the appropriate format  (such as pkcs12 file) in the 1st instance.


            For example see KM Doc ID 184701.1 for an example of how to do this using openssl.


            Just to clear there are some issues you need to be aware of. Only certain versions of OHS wallets support wildcard or certs with subject alternate names. Also certain

            specific digests as well.   Also I note you don't mention what version you are running. That can matter. Generally the later the version the more options

            you will have.