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    Invoke function from DLL (c#) in Oracle Forms




      I've got big problem with invoking method from DLL in Oracle Forms 6i. DLL has been written in


      C#, and it is code:


      using System;
      using System.Collections.Generic;
      using System.Linq;
      using System.Text;
      using OnlineFPCommon;
      using System.Windows.Forms;
      namespace TestNamespace
          public class TestClass
              public static void testMethod()


      I try to invoke it using Oracle Forms code:


      testlib_lhandle := Ora_Ffi.Load_library('C:\libdir\','test.dll');
      getresult_fhandle := ora_ffi.register_function(testlib_lhandle,'testMethod');

      but the second line, when I try to register function fails. Why? How Can I properly invoke that function?