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    How to edit rows in interactive report?


      I want to edit rows in interactive reports before and after filtration. I've added ''edit_link in SQL and column in settings of region but i dont know how to load data into page with form created to edit the data from row.

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          There are examples in the Sample applications but the steps are as follows.

          Create a new page that will, with the correct ID available, select the details from the database and allow you to change the details and save them back. Following a succeful save (or cancel) arange the page with a branch back to your interactive report.

          On your interactive report , for your chosen link column, set it to branch to the page you created above and set the ID page item on the page to the ID value on your crrent record.  The select lists will help here.

          Now, clicking your edit link show open the new page and select the details from teh database n preparation for any update you choose to make and save.


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            Works, thank You very much! But there lasted another trouble, when I click column link in the report, I'm not send directly to the edit form selected by me, but oracle generates strange page with selected row rewritten in column on left name of column [few spaces] data from selected row, shown row, undr row and at the last row puts icon of created column link. Could you tell me what to do to omit this page and connect from report directly to edit form?

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              Hmm... you say it works, but then you say it works not? I am a bit confused.


              It depends how you set up your link column. There is always an option to "link to single row view". It sounds like you have activated this. But this is a different link that the one that leads you to the edit form. On the later you should actually see very clearly in the column attributes to which page that link leads you.


              Maybe you find the solution, when you look for that. Hope that helps.



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                You're right, I had activated "link to single row view" and I was not aware of that. I've changed that and everything is OK. Thank's you very much!