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    ParentEOImpl class instance is null in ChildEntityEOImpl class

    Jagadeesh Badri

      Hi Team,


      Jdev Version :


      I have Master Child Table, I was trying to insert the records in these table.


      I was getting Integrity constant error, So I have overridden the postChanges Method in ChildEoImplClass:



           public void postChanges(TransactionEvent e) {

               if (getPostState() == STATUS_NEW ||

                   getPostState() == STATUS_MODIFIED) {

                   CustMasterEOImpl masterEO = getCustMasterEO();

                   if (masterEO != null) {

                       if (masterEO.getPostState() == STATUS_NEW) {









      But here getCustMasterEO is coming as null means parentEOImpl class


      Any idea to resolve this issue?