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    OEPE causes Eclipse Kepler to start with wrong workspace, overrides Eclipse's workspace configuration


      I'm a new OEPE user, and found that after installing it, Eclipse (Kepler) now starts up with the wrong workspace every time. I have to explicitly do File > Switch Workspace... to get Eclipse to restart with the correct workspace. Also, the workspace I want to use is the only one listed in the Workspaces preferences panel (Window > Preferences > General > Startup and Shutdown > Workspaces). So I can't figure out why Eclipse is using the wrong workspace, and why it's even finding this wrong one.


      I found that many other users of OEPE with Kepler are having this same problem:


      Eclipse Community Forums: Eclipse Platform » Kepler: On start up, I no longer get prompted for workspace locat…


      And this sounds curiously like this old problem reported right here on the OTN Community site:




      Any suggestions for how to get around this? I assume this is a bug, but don't know the correct process for reporting OEPE bugs.