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    GET_PRINT_DOCUMENT() signature 2 returning null

    Pooja D



      I want to send some predefined reports via email using dbms job. For this, i am trying to use APEX_UTIL.GET_PRINT_DOCUMENT function signature 2 which returns a document as BLOB using pre-defined report query and pre-defined report layout. I have created a report layout(in rtf) and report query (with report in pdf format) in Apex Shared components. Query works fine (returns pdf report) when I check it using Test Report button in report query.

      However, When I call GET_PRINT_DOCUMENT(), it returns null.


      I am using Apex 4.2.2 and i call it as below.



      l_document := APEX_UTIL.GET_PRINT_DOCUMENT




              p_report_layout_name =>'EMP_REP',





      Any idea what's the issue and how can i send a report via email?