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    PK ID passing in apex report using URL and open popup modal screen


      Hello Dear,

      i am using apex


      I am facing a small issue and hopefully you guys will help me please?


      I have 3 regions. first 1 is display only then 2nd region is interactive report and 3rd one has only 1 column.


      in region report say select id, empno, ename, sal, ' ' edit_link columns for example. region 2 static id is 'Create_Reason'


      i created DA and using javscript code as (javascript:openModal('Create_Reason');)  for modal page and effected is region (region 3) so it will open as popup modal page.


      i have added a url (javascript:openModal('Create_Reason');)  as choosen target is URL in report item (edit_link).


      it open a modal popup mean region 3 within same page and I do whatever i want to to but I am not getting PK id in session state so  I can't update my choosen row.


      Because PK ID is not in session state so I can not use condition in where clause and it is not updating my request.


      Any help please?


      Much appreciated.