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    Set values for cascading LOV's (Skillbuilders SuperLOV used)




      I've setup a simple page with one cascading SuperLOV.


      I am trying to set the values of the first and second SuperLOV based on the selection of a report.


      Upon selection a javascript function is called which sets the session state and browser variable P1_EMPNO

      function editRecord(pValue) {
         //set session state of P1_EMPNO to use in pl/sql query
         var a=new htmldb_Get();
         a.add('P1_EMPNO', pValue);
         var r=a.get();
         //set variable to trigger dynamic action


      I use this item (P1_ITEM) to trigger a Dynamic Action (when value changes AND is not null) to SET VALUE for the first LOV. This Works.

      Then a have created a second Dynamic Action which uses the AFTER REFRESH event for the first LOV to SET VALUE for the second SuperLOV. This does not work


      Just to test the logic i have created a third standard LOV which is the same as the second SuperLOV and a respective dynamic action. This one works.


      This is the application http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=49044:1

      (EDEMO, demoadmin, 1234) application WORDERS.


      I would be much obliged for any help

      Thank you.