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    Disallowing Access to APEX URL


      Hello APEX Team,


      Is it possible to block the APEX Workspace URL ?

      i.e http://server:port/apex

      We are running a hosted instance and do not want any body with the app URL to be able to see the workspace URL.

      Can you please advice


      APEX Version : 4.2


      Thanks in Advance,


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          Mike Kutz

          not enough info

          are you hosting the running of an app?

          or are you hosting the development of apps?


          running of app(s)

          install the RUN TIME ONLY version of APEX, not the one that includes the APEX Developer app

          you could possibly hide parts of the URL behind a web proxy.


          development of apps


          again, maybe a web proxy... (but how would you prevent the use of INTERNAL)???


          "but I want to let them develop and run production on the same system"

          no you don't.

          Developing code on production is a bad 'life cycle development' practice.