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    Oracle Apex 4.2.4 cannot create PDF


      I Cannot create PDF reports via Apex using.


      1)I have installed Oracle XE, updated Apex to Application Express

      2) In Instance Settings set report printing to Oracle APEX Listener

      3) Created a basic report of demo emp table

      4) Set enable reporting printing = "yes"


      When I run the report and select pdf I get error message not a vaild pdf.


      Open file in wordpad and it contains, below data so does not appear to be converting from XML to PDF.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong!!:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>






         <APP_NAME>Ridgway Library</APP_NAME>


         <TITLE>Report 1</TITLE>

         <REGION ID="2221822669173184">