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    Cannot change my public username handle


      I changed my public display name going through the Edit link in Edit Profile & Privacy yesterday, but it does not change. Although the new name shows up in my Update Your Oracle Account page, and I opened it several times, it does not show up when I login to OTN.

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          I created a new user, which I need for documentation purpose, called "Another Dude!". I was able to create the user and use the appropriate display name, but I cannot add the user as a document collaborator and cannot find the user listed under People: https://community.oracle.com/people/Another%C2%A0Dude!


          Something seems to be broken, with populating new or changed username handles.

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            I have not been keeping score but I have seem more than one username that search (Browse > people) can not find.  Clicking on the name takes me to their Bio.  I even using copy/paste as well as trying the same name on different days - no joy.


            Although, now that I think about it, last week I was looking at a post by an Oracle employee and tried to pull up their bio in another tab and could not find it.  I returned to the tab with the post and refreshed the screen - the spelling of the name changed!  I could find the new name, so I guess a name change was occurring as I was searching.


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