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    Replying to locked question.


      A thread ( Transaction Locking dilemma ) appeared under my communications tab, saying the resolution to a problem from a couple a months ago that was different than the advice given.  I responded to it there, with no apparent problem.  Then on refresh the response disappeared.  Looking at the original thread, I see Nicolas locked it 8 hours before (assuming times display correctly).  So, 3 problems:


      1. Nicolas' response not shown in thread under communications tab.  Definitely a bug, I had just freshly logged in hours after the response.

      2. My post disappeared without warning.  That seems a bug beyond mere UI goofiness.

      3. Nicolas locked thread.  Normally I have no problem with Nicolas' judgement calls, and I can understand both the poster's frustration and Nicolas (perhaps) wanting to head off flames, but this seemed a bit too hair-trigger of a locking.


      Anyways, here is what I attempted to respond:


      If you ask the wrong question, you won't get the right answer.  You asked about locking, so people answered about locking.  What you apparently should have looked at is slow I/O.  Slow I/O can be a cause of transaction locking, as the lack of resources simply slows down any batch process updates, making any existing problem worse.  That's why tuning is an iterative process.  It takes some skill and practice to follow the evidence the tools provide.


      (And maybe later added something about volunteers)