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    Specifying SMTP mail server in JConsole.exe file




      For the Financial Reporting Scheduler to successfully send email notifications, a valid SMTP mail server must be specified in the JConsole.exe file. How can I edit in JConsole.exe file?


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          Vivek Chetiaparath



          Go to financialreporting/bin folder on the FR web app server and double click on FRconfig.cmd.This will bring up the interface where you can edit this setting. This interface is called as Jconsole.



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            Harishkumar Y-Oracle

            Run  FRConfig.cmd (\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\financialreporting\bin) to open JConsole which allows to edit the SMTP server details.


            JConsole ---> Mbeans ---> FinancialReporting ---> Attributes.


            1. SMTP MailServer

            2. SMTP ServerUserID

            3. SMTP ServerPassword

            4. SMTP Port


            Method 2 :


            Take the following steps to configure the SMTP/mail server:


            Configuration Tool settings for mail server:


              Start Hyperion EPM System Configurator,

              Select Hyperion Foundation > Common Settings

              Then click Next button. A pane appears: EPM system common settings

              Insert SMTP Mail Server (and additional inputs if SMTP server requires authentication username/password).

              Restart the following Workspace services: Agent & Web Application


            You can also refer the below link to get the details from Installation and Configuration Gudie, navigate to page: 121 for "Configure Common Settings" section




            Hope this information helpful.