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    The title of this document is not unique error


      When I try to save a document using the title "My Document" I receive the following error:


      "The title of this document is not unique among the documents in the space", and I cannot save the document.

      However, when I browse my drafts or published documents, such document title does not exist. Strange is also that when Browse > Content > Document > All,  and then type "My Document" as a filter, I see a bunch of documents with a completely different title.

      Two different people can obviously use the same document title. I checked it. I previously used "My Document" as a title, but deleted it. Could that the reason for the error?

      And btw, all this text is shown in red, but in the editor all text is black and there is no newline after the first quote ("). The error message I copied was red, but not showing red when pasting it into the editor. I changed the color of this paragraph from black to black and it shows black. Sorry, but that's stupid. Is this some new bug?