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    APEX_ITEM label RTL




      I use APEX 4.2 with DB EE 11, i have dynamic screen using APEX_ITEM, my application is bilingual, the problem is the other language RTL where when i use package APEX_ITEM always LTR, how can i solve that??


      APEX_ITEM.checkbox2 (rec_head.rnum,             --p_idx

                           rec_head.poll_seq,         --p_value

                           NULL,                      --p_attributes

                           rec_lines.value_if_answer, --p_checked_values,

                           NULL,                      --p_checked_values_delimiter in varchar2 default ':'

                           rec_lines.poll_dtl_seq,    --p_item_id

                           rec_lines.answer_desc      --p_item_label